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Handcrafted Hydrofoils 




    Fly on.    

Handcrafted Hydrofoils 


Rider Feedback

"I'm not a small person, at 250lbs I'm usually the largest Kiter on the beach. I fully expected your foil to break, like most everything else I use, very quickly. To my surprise, after at least 15hrs of riding in a variety of conditions, it has held up beautifully!" 

"I wanted to thank you for your first class hydrofoil"

"I bought one of James' boards. My only and best advice. Buy one. Best value out there, and the quality is 5 stars."


Ready-To-Fly Foil Only

  • Features removable wings for easy packing and transport (screws included).
  • Use any four bolts from your supplier to attach to any board of your choosing. 
  • These foils float!!! Unlike expensive carbon foils, these foils will not sink should anything go wrong while riding.
  • Light weight and strong construction. Foil weighs 5.5 pounds. 
  • Medium aspect ratio wing provides stable flight at low to mid range speed windows. 
  • Large rear wing and a long fuselage provide maximum pitch stability. 
  • Foil is $350 plus shipping (depending on location). 


Hydrofoil Kit

  • For those with the DIY attitude.
  • The kit features the same design as the ready- to- fly foil.
  • All five pieces come 100% ready to be fiberglassed. 
  • Minimal fiberglass skills needed. 
  • My own fiberglass layup recommendations are included. 
  • Kit is $125 plus shipping. (See shipping rates below) 
  • Optional (but recommended) bag of micro fibers is $5
  • In depth multi part video build series. First video linked below. 

More About The Kits

The kit is great for anybody who enjoys the satisfaction of building something themselves. It is totally customizable. You can cut the mast height to your liking and even change the spacing in the attachment plate to fit onto any old board you might have. Don't think you need some fancy epoxy and fiberglass to get the job done! If you really want to go light on your wallet, some bondo resin and fiberglass weave from your local hardware store will be all you need to get you flying. Sections on the fuselage are clearly marked indicating where the wing, stabilizer and mast should go. An angle is also pre-cut on the fuselage in order to get that stabilizer in the optimal position for riding. A sheet of a very basic fiberglassing layup is included to serve as a guide when building. The blank pieces provide a great opportunity to get creative and make a foil people will be surprised by. Cut it, paint it, even wrap it in carbon fiber and you will be well on your way to creating your very own hydrofoil. 

Recent Customer Builds


The Board

  • Best kept simple!
  • When flying on the foil is the goal, the board is nothing but a platform for you feet. 
  • Flat deck allows feet to go anywhere. 
  • Simple rounded rails with a thinned out rounded nose. 
  • Boards come glassed to protect from elements. 
  • Fiberglass weave finish allows for riding strapless- with or without wax. 
  • Pinstripes, down the center, allow for easy foot placement on water starts. 
  • Board is $170 plus shipping.

Why Wood?

Wood is often a material that is under appreciated. Different woods all have their own characteristics, but some woods are able to provide a strength to weight ratio that is too good to pass up. On top of its many other benefits, it is incredibly easy to work with and to shape. Using wood may be slightly unconventional when it comes to building foils, but I have found it works well and goes easy on one's wallet. Many other foil producers proudly boast about their 100% carbon fiber construction. When I read the words carbon fiber, I think dollar signs. We all know the stuff is not cheap! Using only carbon fiber or other composites means there must be molds, which also runs up the cost. Wood avoids the costly mold process. Wood provides strength and also holds the shape. The composites wrapping the wood add more strength and are a seal from the elements. Wood is the skeleton of the foil, while the composites act as the muscles and ligaments holding it all together.  The end result is a foil that has a unique look, floats, and only weighs 5.5 pounds. 

My Board, Your Board, A Board Is A Board

The great thing about hydrofoils is no longer having all of that drag a board produces while on the water. When the foil is cutting through the water, the board serves no purpose other then providing a platform for your feet. A really expensive, custom hydrofoil board with 30/70 rails and a concave bottom certainly sounds cool, but does absolutely nothing when flying on the foil. Simple is better and cheaper. When designing my board, I built only what was needed. Back before I designed my first board, a simple plywood rectangle with an angled nose worked just fine for me. Of course, it didn't look great, but it did its job of providing a place for my feet to stand. Skimboards and old twin tips with low rocker also work  well. Anything sturdy that you can drill four holes through can make a hydrofoil board. 


Foils are not only for those in the United States. Clearwater Foils have been shipped to over 12 countries across the globe at a reasonable cost. Any questions? Contact me at

Ordering Info

Because the website service takes a small percentage of the total online sale plus shipping costs, I do not sell directly through my site. I do this to keep costs down and to save you money! To order, send me an email including your shipping destination and I will then send you PayPal invoice. As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

Shipping rates for kits only. 

I pack things tight to keep the cost down. I know all too well that there is nothing worse than having shipping costs get in the way of an experience.

East coast: $14,  Mid USA: $16,  West coast: $18, Hawaii: $22 Australia: $55, New Zealand: $65, Europe: $50