The Perfect All Around Foil 

Truly a first in the market, the foil kit, complete with parts and glassing instructions, is the go-to for those willing to roll up their sleeves and create their very own foil. From years of research and testing, I have uncovered the essentials to a nicely performing foil. Trial and error has proven that the shapes, angles and spacing of the parts are vital. While a perfect finish may be aesthetically pleasing, a foil with rough edges and bumpy splotches will fly just as well. The kit provides you with a framework that gets you up and going; the sky is the limit on the final look of your foil. 

Never used fiberglass and resin before? No problem. The build series on YouTube walks you through every step of the project.

*Customer build pictures bellow

Additional Info

  • Pencil markings clearly indicate exactly where each part needs to go. This will ensure that the wings and the mast are placed perfectly for good performance 
  • The kit is designed to be glassed as one solid piece. However modifications can be made to allow the wings to bolt on and off 

Custom Orders 

The kit is 100% customizable by you! If you wish to have the mast cut to  a specific height please include your thoughts in your order description. A shorter mast around 28" can help the learning curve or fly in a shallow spot. Wing sets only and wing sets plus fuselage are great options for those looking to experiment. Contact for more info. 





  • 38 inch mast provides plenty of height
  • Medium aspect wings work well in low to medium speeds
  • Great under a kite or behind a boat
  • Bolt on to skimboards, wakeboards and anything else imaginable 
  • Great feedback from riders weighing 140lbs-245lbs 
  • Brutally durable while also being very easy to repair if needed. 
  • Entire build video available YouTube 




  • Includes all five wooden parts for the foil and basic glassing instructions. 


"I'm not a small person, at 250lbs I'm usually the largest Kiter on the beach. I fully expected your foil to break, like most everything else I use, very quickly. To my surprise, after at least 15hrs of riding in a variety of conditions, it has held up beautifully!" 
"I wanted to thank you for your first class hydrofoil"
"I bought one of James' boards. My only and best advice. Buy one. Best value out there, and the quality is 5 stars."

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