The Surf Kit 

Foils are no longer just for kiters and windsurfers. Surfing has now adopted the efficiancy of the hydrofoil to make the most out of the smallest waves. With all the surface area of the board above the water, drag is greatly reduced to increase performance. The surf kit is designed to take advantage of this and perform similar to those already on the market. 

Compaired to the standard kit, the surf foil lifts out of the water at unthinkable low speeds and can fly well into the medium speed range. Another immediate difference is the rock steady stability. The extended fuselage not only increases pitch (up and down) stability but also increases yaw (left and right) stability. 

With most of my experience spent under a kite, I have yet to take the foil into any waves. Testing done behind a boat has revealed the slow speeds, awesome stability, and some pumping ability as well. The small waves produced by boat have proved to almost be enough to sustain flight! Dozens have been sent out to builders around the globe to test out. Much more to come from this foil in the future.

Feedback and Builds 

I am really happy with the low foiling speeds of this kit, but was surprised with how well it handles at higher speeds too
— Ace
Mounted the completed kit onto an old 7’ surf board, and am addicted more than ever
— Ace


  • Large surface area wing to greatly  increase the low end speed of the foil
  • Longer fuselage to achieve greater stability at slower speeds
  • Shorter mast to increase stability while also keeping the wings above the shallow beach bottom
  • The same build process as the standard kit 



  • Includes all five wooden parts for the foil and basic glassing instructions