Aluminum Surf Foil Kit
Aluminum Surf Foil Kit
Aluminum Surf Foil Kit

Aluminum Surf Foil Kit

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The upgraded aluminum kit makes building your own foil even easier. Over the years customers have provided suggestions on how to improve the foil kit design and we have listened. A stiff aluminum frame provides ultimate portability while also drastically decreasing the build time. The upgraded kit is less work and more fun!


The aluminum frame changes the game of the foil kit. The slim mast and thin fuselage cut through the water with ease and make for an all around more hydrodynamic setup. Additionally the entire foil can be disassembled making travel easy. 

Build time and challenge is drastically reduced as you only have to fiberglass the wings. Within a matter of hours you can have the foil fully built and ready to fly. Check out the wing glassing materials kit to get everything you need. 

The core of the surf wing has been redesigned to perform. The airfoil profile has been changed to allow for less drag. This increases low speed performance but also allows the foil to be easier to ride at higher speeds.


  • Includes 27.5" (70cm) mast, fuselage, baseplate, wings, and bolts 
  • Medium aspect wings are perfect for cruising and carving turns 
  • Top choice surfing, wake surfing, and slow speed applications 
  • Wood wing cores are lightweight and extremely durable
  • Industry standard base plate mounts to any board