Welcome to our store! To build your own foil from scratch and get flying, you'll start with one of the three hydrofoil kits found here- Standard, Surf/Sup, or Super Wing. You'll also need to grab:
  • Fiberglass (available in DIY Materials)
  • Epoxy or polyester resin (pick up a quart from the local supplier)
  • For much added build strength, check out our microfibers (also in DIY Materials)
We offer a couple more products as well. 
  • Our board blank is a simple, high quality board that's great for getting started with foiling.
  • Our bolt on conversion hardware is great for those looking to increase portability, allowing you to take your wings on and off with ease.   
For building recommendations, please check out our Video Guides section and YouTube channel.
Of course, please email me, James, with any other questions or comments at Fly on!